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TFE Company Inc.

Additives/3D Printing

Additive manufacturing allows customers to rapidly prototype designs and provide an accurate physical representation.  3D additive manufacturing is a great way to bring designs to life.  The manufacturing process is created with CAD and provides a very low error rate compared to other methods; any errors can be quickly corrected before manufacture.

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Fused Deposition Modeling

FDM is a 3D modeling technology that uses filaments of plastic material that are melted and continuously applied to the specified area to create a 3D model. FDM offers a large selection of thermoplastic materials as well as colors.


CG Selective Laser Sintering

SLM is a 3D manufacturing process that uses a laser to fuse particles into a solid object or shape.  This process offers very high accuracy and produces very durable parts that can be used directly in end use applications.

MultiJet 3D Printing

MJP is a 3D printing method that uses a print head, much like a color printer to deposit materials such as casting wax in a specified pattern.  This method offers high resolution printing that produces fine details and features. 

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